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  • Brand introduction

    S+S is the main brand of ESSA Toys Company. It was created in 2008. “S+S” stands for HAPPINESS and SAFETY. S+S toys are noted for high quality, medium prices, wide range of functions and languages variety. The brand started to develop on the Russian market, but it is committed to meet the demands of ordinary families all around the world.
  • Brand Positioning

    Affordable toys with good quality

    Thanks to the relatively low productions costs in China and strict quality control, we can guarantee low prices and quality that meets western standards.All families can afford to buy safe and reliable toys.S+S is different from other toys brands, because we don't add the brand value cost to the final price, so the consumers can save money. Customers will get good quality toys for affordable prices.
  • Brand concept

    “S+S” stands for HAPPINESS and SAFETY


    S + S brand meets the needs of both children and adults.There are currently 22 series of products, and we constantly develop new items and lines, including licensed series and items. S + S strive to produce toys of high quality and rich in functions to bring more fun to children.


    Every S+S toy is produced in accordance with European quality standards, such as sound clarity and loudness which is not harmful for children’s hearing, sleek and lightweight design, protecting children from harming themselves. Materials are environmentally friendly. Every detail of the product is strictly controlled to ensure peace of mind for parents.
  • Target audience

    For everybody

    Mid-priced and high-quality toys are suitable for the following groups of people: People of mid-income and higher level of education who care about quality of life. Such as: teachers, office workers, civil servants, doctors, lawyers and so on.
  • Advantages of products

    • We do research in Europe and other markets, and produce toys according to the demand
    • All toys meet European
      quality standards
    • We develop unique
      innovative toys
    • Our prices make toys
      affordable for everyone
    • Cheap and small package
      helps to reduce
      transportation costs
    • Strong and thick cardboard
      packaging makes transportation
      safer and helps to lower defect rate