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Account settings

1.Can I change the currency?

   You can. To do this you need to contact your consultant. Change the currency valid on new orders, currency orders that are in process, can't change.

2.Can I change the payment method?

   In the “Account settings” click “Сalculation requirements”,choose the method you want and save it. The changes will apply to future orders and will not apply to orders that are in the works.

3.Can I change the order requirements?

   In the section “Order requirements” you can change the requirements for packaging, stickers, labeling, R/o frequency requirements, gift items, certificates, and other requirements. The modified requirements will become effective after you save.


4.How to add stickers?

   Clicking on “Stickers and marking”, you will see the templates. Click “Add new” and add the stickers/markings, then send a link of the picture after to your consultant or directly contact the consultant and send him all the materials and requirements


5.What are exclusive merchandise/agent’s products?

    “Exclusive merchandise” – it’s your own design.


    “Agent’s products”- it’s your agent products.


   You can buy them according to MOQ.

6.Can others see my exclusive merchandise/agent’s products?

   They can’t. Only you can see your exclusive merchandise/agent’s products.