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1.What is “Available funds”, “Deposit”, “Total money ammount” and “Your credit debt”?

   Available funds: If you have this amount, it can be used to repay debts.


   Deposit: If you have security deposit in our company, you don't need to pay a deposit when making the order. You just confirm PO. Usually this Deposit is frozen, it cannot be used.


   Total money ammount: Available funds + Deposit


   Your credit debt: the amount you have to pay to our company.


2.What is “Detail of the fin. Costs”?

   After you have logged in “Finanse” in the section “Funds managements”, you can watch the details of assets.

3.What is the " Payment information "?

   Here you can see all the records of the payment, according to the date of payment.

4.What is “Debt information”?

   “Debt information” shows how much you should pay our company.

5.Will your company will send me statement of account?

   Once a month we'll send you a monthly reconciliation. In addition, you can always see the section “Verification” on the website.